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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is updating its Edge browser with the vertical tabs it announced nearly a year ago.

The feature is finally rolling out to all Edge users in March, allowing them to stack and use tabs along the side of the browser rather than horizontally at the top. This setup seems ideal for laptops and computers with a 16:9 display, but you can use vertical tabs in Edge on any device. They work like normal tabs, too, meaning you can switch between them and group them and move them around per usual.

Microsoft's screenshots and videos of the feature suggest you can scroll through a list of tabs and clearly see the favicon and name of each open website. The company said it is now “the only browser that allows you to manage your tabs on the side with a single click" - but, technically, with add-ons, browsers like Firefox or Chrome have long offered experimental users the ability to use vertical tabs. 

Microsoft is also improving the startup experience for Edge this month, with a startup boost feature that makes the browser launches up to 41 per cent faster after rebooting a device. Microsoft Edge users are getting a new history view in the browser, as well. When you go to history, it will drop down from the toolbar rather than make you go into settings - a much easier way to search history.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.