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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is improving your options for multitasking within Windows 10. Making it both easier and giving you more ways to multitask and snap windows too. 

In the near future, as part of the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, it is said there will be more ways to multitask that include enhanced snapping capabilities.

It's been easy to snap windows side-by-side for a long while in Windows 10 but now Microsoft is seemingly improving this feature and making it more user-friendly.

Soon you'll be able to drag windows to the corner of the screen and those windows will then intuitively resize to fit perfectly. This should mean it'll be even easier to multitask with side-by-side windows. 

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Another highlight to the update is noted by Windows Latest. Microsoft is apparently planning to make Aero Shake an optional setting. This is a setting that enables you to shake the current window you're using to automatically minimise everything else on the screen. This can be useful if you need to focus, but many users have found this frustrating. We've accidentally used it a few times ourselves when we didn't mean to. In future, you'll be able to change the settings and turn that setting off. 

Other enhancements such as separate virtual desktops for each monitor are also in the works. Though we'll have to wait for the second half of 2021 before Sun Valley launches, Microsoft is still rolling out feature updates in the form of version 21H1 so Windows 10 continues to get better. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 23 February 2021.