(Pocket-lint) - Reports are suggesting that Microsoft is working on a new navigation system for Windows 10. One that will let you use your voice to interact with the operating system in order to access files, folders and apps. 

Known as "voice launcher", this new system will enable users to activate the system anywhere there's a search field. That includes the search box you'll find within the Start menu in Windows 10.

It's also said that you'll be able to access the voice launcher by activating the Windows Narrator system (by pressing Windows key and H). The idea is that it'll be much easier to access whatever you need with just your voice. 

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Of course, there are other implications for the creation and use of this system. Firstly it will take time for the voice-controlled launcher to understand commands due to the differences in speech, tone, inflexion and such of users from around the world. The voice launcher is said to support multiple languages including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, but it will still need to learn. 

Microsoft will, of course, collect user data to improve the system over time. This will allow the analysis of speech samples and help tech the tech about how people speak for better results. 

There's no official word on when the voice search feature will roll out, but it's likely to be around the time of the October 2021 update. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.