(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever admired the various beautiful images that appear on your Windows 10 lock screen and wished you could have them on your desktop too, then there's good news. 

It seems that in future Windows 10 updates Microsoft may well be working on improving the personalisation options within Windows. Those updates include Desktop Spotlight which brings Bing's images to your desktop in slideshow form. 

At the moment you can download Windows theme packs from the Microsoft store, grab various nifty wallpapers from here or use your own photos to create a wallpaper slideshow. But it seems that in a future release the company is going to let users choose the "Spotlight collection" from the personalisation settings within Windows.

It's not clear when this update is coming just yet, but it has been spotted by some in the Windows Insider Program. 

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This setting will be accessible in the same way you'd change your background. Right-click on your desktop, selecting personalise, then click on the background dropdown and choose Spotlight Collection from the options. Alternatively hit the Windows key, search settings then personalisation > background. 

This will be a great way to get a nice collection of images as your desktop background without the hassle of having to download them. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.