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(Pocket-lint) - Windows is an ever-evolving entity and Microsoft is constantly working to improve user experience with new features and design enhancements you're bound to love.

In a recent blog post, the company covered a number of new features coming to the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build.

These are likely a taste of the future of Windows 10 for the average user and include a number of nifty new features worth seeing.

We've already recently had some nice enhancements in the May 2020 Update including GPU scheduling for improved gaming performance for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. 

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Now Microsoft is teasing future visual and user-experience enhancements too. 

Start menu design changes

We knew this was coming and wrote about it a few months back, but Microsoft is working on changing the Windows 10 start menu. 

This change features a more "streamlined design" with tweaked icons and a partially transparent background for tiles. As well as both dark and light themes and an option to add colour too. 

ALT+TAB between browser tabs

If you're a Microsoft Edge user and think of yourself as a bit of a multi-tasker, then this next update might also be of interest. 

Microsoft is changing the way ALT tabbing works so you'll see each tab you have open in Edge when you press the shortcut. So you can quickly switch between websites and not just apps. 

We wonder if this might get out of hand if you have tens of sites open in your browser though. Not to worry, you can turn this setting off via Settings > System > Multitasking. 

Microsoftpersonalised taskbar photo 1

Personalised taskbar

If you're like us, then you probably customise your own taskbar to add your favourite apps, folders and more for quick and easy access. But Microsoft is trying to make the taskbar experience more personalised out of the box. 

These personalised taskbar options are in the early stages and will change based on Insider feedback but the intention is to create a tuned, clutter-free taskbar experience that personal to you. 

Graphing mode for calculator

This update is actually rolling out now to the public and will offer graphing capabilities within Windows Calculator. Apparently this was a much-requested feature and will be a great tool for students exploring algebra and more. 

Other updates in the Insider build include notification improvements and enhanced experiences for tablets too. 

Check out the full blog article for more info. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.