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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is launching a preview of Microsoft Defender ATP for Android. The company first revealed earlier this year that its Defender antivirus software would come to both iOS and Android, but, at the time, it didn't reveal a release date.

Now, it's launching a public preview for Android, complete with protection against phishing. Defender for Android will also ensure any malicious or unsafe websites sent through apps, SMS, or email are immediately blocked. It features something called Defender SmartScreen technology, as well, which blocks network connections that malicious apps might make without your knowledge.

“Scans are instantly performed detect malware and potentially unwanted applications,” said Kanishka Srivastava, a senior program manager at Microsoft. “If a safe app is downloaded, the end-user will see a lightweight notification letting them know the app is clean.”

Keep in mind Microsoft started a public preview for its Defender antivirus software for MacOS just about a year ago. It offers complete virus and threat protection, along with the ability to perform quick or full system-wide scans. Microsoft is still planning an iOS version of the antivirus software, but it'll be limited, given Apple sandboxes iOS apps and hinders sideloading.

“In the coming months we will be releasing additional capabilities on Android and you will hear more from us about our investments in mobile threat defense for iOS devices as well,” said Rob Lefferts, VP of Microsoft 365 security.

We're hoping to learn more about how the iOS version the app will function, as the company has yet to provide full details.

To try Microsoft Defender ATP for Android, you need to use a managed environment via Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection. You can sign-up for a free trial of Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection here. Once you do, as an administrator, you can enable access to Defender ATP for Android in the Microsoft Defender Security Center. There’s more about how here.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 23 June 2020.