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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has just deployed a nice new update for its SwiftKey alternative keyboard app, bringing much wider language support to the table and also adding a one-handed mode for easier typing. 

The app's now on version 2.7.9, and the update is focused around those two prongs. The first, wider language support, brings another 400 languages into the fold, leaving the total that SwiftKey supports at over 600.

That makes it a significant widening of the keyboard's capabilities, and suggests that Microsoft is hopeful that it can find more global success in time. 

One-handed mode, meanwhile, is something that largely does what it says on the tin, to match various other keyboards offering similar layouts.

It shrinks down the keyboard layout slightly, to make it easier for one finger or thumb to reach the whole span of it while typing, leaving your other hand free to do whatever you like. 

The mode can be turned on and off by long-pressing on the emoji key on the keyboard, making it simple to turn on and off. This is a nice quality of life update for iPhone users, although it'll remain to be seen how much of the market Microsoft can keep a hold of, especially now that the iOS default keyboard supports swipe typing. 

You can grab the update from the Apple App Store now. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.