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(Pocket-lint) - With everyone working from home, Microsoft Teams is being used by more and more people. With the rising popularity of Zoom though, Microsoft has some work to do to keep users happy. 

One gripe people have had with Teams is the fact that only four participants are visible on calls. Fairly measly when you consider that services like Zoom allow as much as 49 people to appear on the screen at once. Google Hangouts can also manage more. 

Microsoft Teams is, however, set to get a number of enhancements, one of which is the increase in the number of participants on video calls.

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The official Twitter account Tweeted that the number of participants that could be viewed simultaneously is set to be increased to nine soon. This came after the request was upvoted 40,000 times on the Teams feedback forums. On those same forums, the company also stated it is working to increase that limit even further in future. 

This update is said to be coming by the end of April, alongside another change that will include multi-window chat support as well. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.