(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Teams will soon be available in a consumer edition as part of new Office 365 subscriptions, dubbed "Microsoft for Life" (as opposed to "Microsoft for Work").

The new subscriptions will be available in two versions - Personal and Family. These will launch on 21 April it seems and the package will also include a new Family Safety app which will also work with mobile devices. 

Various apps include enhancements to make them more consumer-friendly. Chief among these is an add-in for Excel called Money in Excel, which is basically for consumers to manage banking data and credit cards - it plugs into those services so you can easily import and manage data. 

Microsoft Teams is also included for consumers, but it isn't a new version of the app. Again it adds new features - it works with your personal email accounts, for example. 

And, unlike many previous consumer versions of Office, Outlook will also be included, too, in addition to all the core office apps Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. All the apps will work with OneDrive and subscribers will get 1TB of storage to play with. The bundle also includes 60 Skype calling minutes to mobiles and landlines each month. 

Microsoft has also announced an expansion of Microsoft Editor, helping you with your writing in Word and on Outlook.com - it's now been further enhanced with AI and now includes a plagiarism filter. If you use Grammarly, you'll know how helpful it can be to have your writing regularly checked. 

More than 38 million people currently subscribe to Office 365. 


Writing by Dan Grabham.