You'll soon be able to make phone calls from your Windows 10 PC - if you have an Android phone.

As we know from last week's reveal of the 2020 Surface Duo, Microsoft is pretty close to Google and Android these days.

Windows has been getting more and more Android phone integration over recent months, with the debut of the Your Phone app, notifications coming to the desktop and the ability to text from your PC and send photos between the devices.

The calling feature means you no longer have to pick up your phone to take calls if you're able to use your PC's mic and speakers. It's part of the latest Windows Insider build detailed on Windows Blogs, so will be coming to consumers in the future - possibly early next year. 

You're also able to transfer calls between your PC and phone, too as well as decline incoming calls with a custom text. You can also make calls, too. 

iOS users can also use the Your Phone app, but you can basically only send web pages to and from your PC. Yes, that's it.