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(Pocket-lint) - If you've been waiting for the next step in Windows 10 then it's just around the corner: the Fall Creators Update will begin rolling out from Tuesday 17 October - bang on schedule for Microsoft's proposed six-monthly updates plan.

It's no coincidence that Microsoft announced this news at IFA 2017 - the largest European tech show - because the lead new feature in the Fall Creators Update is Mixed Reality support. And there are a whole bunch of Windows Mixed Reality headsets on the IFA show floor - from Acer, to Lenovo, Dell and Asus (HP is yet to show off its hardware).


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The 11 April Creators Update already got Windows 10 and 10 S to be Windows Mixed Reality capable - for developers, at least. The Fall pack will simply make their hard work open to consumers, so if you buy and plug-in a brand new Windows Mixed Reality headset then you'll be prompted to download the updated system software. 

It's the key update that needs to happen for Mixed Reality to become a reality. And Microsoft is leveraging its other software to be open to the experience - 3D objects created in Paint 3D can be utilised in Mixed Reality environments, for example. 

In addition, the Fall update will set Story Remix live too. For those not in the know, this app is a cloud service which will allow you to create videos on the fly across devices - whether Android, iOS, or Windows.

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It's this multi-platform experience that is the final big push in the Fall update. Across device compatibility - such as OneDrive files on-demand - will beging to leverage Windows 10 and 10 S as systems not locked simply into your laptop.

Welcome to a Mixed Reality future.

Writing by Mike Lowe.