Microsoft is hosting its own press conference at IFA in Berlin, although hasn't given away any specific details as to what will be unveiled yet. 

The company hasn't even have a tagline to tease us with, so for now, all we can do is speculate. If you want to follow the action and any product news live, then here's how you can get involved.

Microsoft will be holding its press conference at 5.05am PDT / 8.05am EDT / 1.05pm BST / 2.05pm CEST today 31 August 2017. 

Yes, it is. Microsoft will livestream it's keynote on its website, or you can follow along in the embedded video below.

Microsoft will likely reveal more details surrounding its Mixed Reality headset program, such as hardware partners, when to expect the headsets and even pricing. The company may even touch upon the recent announcement that its Cortana voice-assistant will be compatible with Amazon Alexa, and vice versa.

Microsoft's Mixed Reality headsets merge virtual reality and augmented reality into one, and are designed to be plug and play. They don't require any sensors to be installed in your home, and you don't need a large space to use them in. This is partly thanks to Microsoft's own hand motion controllers, which are compatible with all headsets released by third-party manufacturers. 

SteamVR content has been confirmed to be compatible with Mixed Reality headsets, so we're hoping that Microsoft will reveal more content partners at its press conference.