Farewell, Word Flow. We hardly knew ye.

Microsoft launched its Windows Phone keyboard for the iPhone about a year ago. It offered a fan-shaped, one-handed mode, which you'd recognise if you've ever used a Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile phone, as it was baked into Microsoft's mobile OS. Microsoft's Garage team ported the experience to iPhone, and now, it's dropping it.

Microsoft Garage churns out mobile apps left and right, including things like a custom lock screen, a travel companion, and an Android Wear gesture search app. Word Flow made a lot of headlines when it first became available, though it's unclear how many people actually used it on a regular basis. We're guessing not many, since Microsoft is now removing it from the app store.

Keep in mind Microsoft acquired SwiftKey last year for $250 million (£173 million). As a result, the company is actually encouraging Word Flow users to download the SwiftKey app instead, according to a support note, which was discovered by Windows Central. The note also mentioned that Microsoft considered Word Flow an experiment, and that experiment is "now complete".