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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced Windows 10 S, a version of Windows that it is calling the "soul" of Windows.

Announced at the New York education event, Microsoft has said that Windows 10 S has evolved out of feedback from teachers and class leaders, resulting in a more secure and streamlined version of the software.

The big thing that makes Windows 10 S different to Windows 10 Pro is that it's restricted to using applications from the Windows Store, so it's not open to other apps that aren't Microsoft verified.

The aim here has been to ensure that the Windows 10 S environment remains controlled and there's nothing that's going to slow down the platform.

Speed is one of the other important things about Windows 10 S. On stage, Terry Myerson, VP of Windows and devices group at Microsoft, demonstrated logging on to a Windows 10 Pro machine next to a Windows 10 S machine. Log-in in less than 30 seconds means you can get to learning faster. 

There will be a number of applications made available free for education, including Office 365 - now added to the Windows Store - as well as Windows 10 S users getting a free 1-year subscription to Minecraft. 

We don't currently know what the availability of Windows 10 S will be like outside of education, but Microsoft has confirmed that there will be a number of hardware partners, with prices starting from as little as $189. 

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Microsoft also confirmed that you'll be able to move existing Windows 10 Pro machines to Windows 10 S instead.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 2 May 2017.