There are a bunch of small changes in the new Settings app, thanks to the new Anniversary Update to Windows 10 that's rolling out now, but one of the more visually-pleasing changes is the new Dark mode.

The Settings app is now more user-friendly and makes finding what you're looking for easier than ever before. With the Anniversary Update, many things are now customisable, giving you the ability to change which buttons, shortcuts, colours, and notifications you want to see. For example, you can now edit the importance of notifications from each app and how many of those notifications you want to see at a time in the Action Center.

There are more opportunities to customise your Windows 10 device, and it is much easier to do so with the new layout of the settings menu. The layout, which gives you the name of each settings section and customisation options for each, makes finding what you’re looking for simple. Once you open a section, such as Personalisation, which is for “background, lock screen, colours”, there is a left side panel that shows all the options available.

Here is a round-up of more major changes in the new Settings app.

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Dark Mode

In the Anniversary Update, there are now multiple ways to change the colours for your windows. The biggest of such change is the introduction of Dark Mode. In the “Choose your app mode” section, you can choose from the default “light mode” or the new “Dark mode” that gives certain apps and windows a black background instead of white. Some of the apps this affects are Settings, Alarms and Clocks, Calculator, and Groove Music. To find this and other colour settings, go to Settings > Personalization > and Colours. Other apps like Edge and Skype can also be viewed in Dark Mode by just going to that app’s personal settings. Edge’s Dark Mode can be turned on by choosing More (three dots in top-right corner) > Settings > Choose theme > and Dark.

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You also have 49 different options as an accent colour -  the colour that shows up in many of your windows, like in Settings, and most of the lettering and logos can get a new accent colour, too. You can also choose for the new accent colour to appear in the taskbar, Start menu, Action Center, and title bar. If you want this colour to mirror your background, and there isn’t an option you like in the field to choose from, you can select a colour from your background.

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By going to Settings > System > and Notifications and Actions, you can change how you receive and see notifications - their priority, in other words - in the Action Center. Some notifications from certain apps may be more important than others, so you can change which apps’ notifications appear before the rest, raising the level of priority between normal, high, and top. You also have the option of changing how many notifications are visible for one app, with the default being three, though you can go as high as 20.

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Each app can be edited, and so can the way you see the Action Center with the Quick Action Menu. You can move each of the tiles around to where you prefer them, too, and toggle them on or off (including having all of them off).

Active hours

It can be frustrating when you go to turn your device on and then you’re hit with 20 minutes of updates, or while you’re working, your computer needs to stop and update. Well, with the ability to set active hours, you can change the times you are usually using the device, so when a restart is needed to finish an update, it won’t do so during those hours. You can also set a time when you want a restart to take place. To make these changes, go to Settings > Update and security > and Windows update.


You now have the ability to project your devices from other Windows devices such as Windows phones and computers. This allows for a Windows phone, for example, to access your mouse and keyboard using the Connect app. To enable this or choose when it is allowed, go to Settings > System > and Projecting to this PC.


In the Settings app, under each section, there is a search bar that is more convenient to use than in the past. Now, when searching, a drop-down bar appears as you type, giving you instant results to choose from instead of automatically bringing you to some result/place. In the Settings app, the search bar is in the middle of the screen, just above the nine settings sections. In each of the sections, the search bar is moved to the top-left above the tabs.

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