The Action Center is a much more important area with the Anniversary Update. You can now edit the way you receive rich notifications, and so you will find yourself checking it more often and not just clearing your notifications.

Thanks to upgrades in other apps and features, the Action Center’s notifications are much more useful. The new Skype app gives rich notifications, showing you the message you received. Facebook and many other apps do this as well. Visiting a website on Microsoft Edge allows this, too, as long as you have it open, though it doesn’t need to be in view.

Notifications are not the only reason to use the Action Center. You can also find the Quick actions area here, giving you multiple options for fast and easy computer use. Here's what the Action Center can do now.

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You can edit the notifications you receive by prioritizing the level of importance of each app and website. For example, Facebook messages may be more important than Skype notifications, so you you can raise the priority of notifications for Facebook. You can choose from: Normal, which each is already set to; high, which shows above normal priority; and top, which automatically moves the notifications to the top of the Action Center.

You can also change the number of notifications for a certain app, the default being three, but options range from one all the way to 20. To change your notification options, go to Settings > System > Notifications and Actions, and then choose which app you would like to edit. 

Due to Cortana’s upgrades, you can also receive updates from your mobile device - whether it is Microsoft or not. This feature allows for text message notifications to be sent and displayed in your Action Center, with the ability to also answer those messages. You also receive notifications if the battery on your cell phone is running low. To allow this, you need to download the Cortana app on your mobile device and sign in with the same Microsoft account. As a sports fan, you can also receive your choice of updates on your favourite teams, along with weather, travel, shopping, and numerous other options to choose from.

To edit what notifications you want to receive from Cortana, which by default appear at the top of the Action Center, click on the Cortana button next to the Windows button, and then just under the home button is the notebook, which has options of what you like. To select your favourite sports teams, scroll down to sports. Once in this window, there will be an option at the bottom to add teams to your favourites list. Typing in a city, such as Denver, will instantly serve up teams like the Denver Broncos, NFL and Denver Nuggets, NBA.

Developers can create rich notifications for their apps now. Like we said, the new Skype's notifications are an example of rich ones, and so aren't Cortana's/Reminders. Also, Microsoft made it so Windows Store notifications will now appear in the Action Center to alert you of app updates.

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Quick actions

The expanded Quick actions area gives you an easier way to take notes, turn certain features on and off, change brightness, and more.

Windows 8 introduced the metro-style, which most users didn't like. Windows 10 removed this for the most part, only leaving a small aspect of metro in the Start menu. The Quick actions menu gives the users who liked that feature the chance to bring it back by turning on tablet mode. By opening the Action Center, tablet mode will be one of the selections to choose from at the bottom. By clicking on the button, it will change your layout, though it will be tough to notice until you exit the menu. To turn it off, go back and click the button again.

Click the expand button at bottom of Action Center to access Quick actions area, which is now customisable. The Anniversary Update gives you the option to change the position of each of the tiles in the Quick action area, including the ability remove and add them. To edit how they are ordered and which ones you see, go to Settings > System > and Notifications and Actions.

Some of the other Quick action options include OneNote for notes (which will gives you reminders in the Action Center), as well as the ability to change the brightness on your screen, toggle airplane mode and quiet hours, open the menus for VPN, project viewer, and connect (so you can connect to other devices).  

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