Four days after the one-year anniversary of Windows 10 on July 29, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

With the update comes features that make the entire operating system much easier and more fluid to use, but some of these changes will take time to get a handle on. Learning the ins and outs of technology can be difficult, but fortunately, this update is simple enough not to be an inconvenience. To make the transition seamless for you, Pocket-lint has listed some of the new features and shown you how to use them.

Keep checking back, too, as we'll update this piece with more tips and tricks. 

Start menu 

The new Start menu uses its space much more effectively, showing all apps on the device and giving you the option to choose which shortcuts are visible when opening the menu. Changing the size, which apps and folders, and how many of each are shown is extremely simple. Go to Settings > Personalization > and Start. In this tab, the newest feature is the ability to choose which folders are visible when the Start menu opens. Some of these folders to switch on are file explorer, downloads, pictures, videos, and music.

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Action Center and Quick Actions

Another menu which has received revamping is the Action Center area - the icon in right-hand corner of the taskbar. Now, when opening the Action Center, the bottom will show 12 quick-action tiles to make your daily routine move more smoothly, with notes, updates, and shortcuts. 

If you were a fan of the metro tiles, the Action Center supplies a quick and easy way of toggling it back on and off. Tablet mode can turn your computer into a Windows 8-like layout.

OneNote is also visible in this area. This gives you the opportunity to jot down notes, and the Action Center will set reminders from these notes.

If you don’t like the layout of the buttons in the action center, or if want to cut down the number you see, go to Settings > System > Notifications and Actions. This will give you the option to move them around, remove any of the buttons you don’t want shown, or add ones, such as for Wi-Fi.

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No feature received more of an upgrade than Cortana, the Windows digital assistant. The ability to perform a search for the weather, music, or just about anything without ever having to type makes the feature much more usable and fun. You can also use Cortana on the lock screen before logging into your device now by just saying, “Hey Cortana".

To choose which Cortana settings you wish to enable and disable, open the Settings menu > type in Cortana > select Cortana and Search Settings, and then you can choose how often to use and what Cortana can do for you.

Cortana can do more than just search your computer for you, though. She can also connect to other devices, regardless of if you have a Windows phone. With an Android, it can still send updates of texts, phone calls, and a low-batter status. All of these notifications will also pop up at the top of the Action Center. Just downloading the Cortana app on your phone is what connects the devices.

Setting reminders and making plans has never been easier than with Cortana. She recognizes days and times and will remind you of it when it comes. Saying the sentence “Hey Cortana, make dinner for mom at six tomorrow,” is turned into a scheduled event that you will be reminded of. All you have to do is say 'yes' to plan it. You can even add a time and photo now to make reminder notifications rich.

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Microsoft Edge

The internet browser, which was introduced with Windows 10’s original release, Microsoft Edge, has received a couple of new features to make users think twice about downloading another browser.

Edge has added extensions, something other browsers have had for quite some time. To add extensions, select the More button just underneath the Close browser button. Then, select extensions, which will open a tab that gives you the option to open the Windows Store and activate extensions. It can also show the extensions you have and whether they are being used or not.

Cortana can be used in Edge, too, where she finds coupons and deals you can use on sites such as Target. When going to one of these sites, a circle will flash in the top of the browser to ask if you would like a coupon, though it may not be related to what you’re looking for.

Windows Hello

Technology is always becoming a larger part of our lives, so security is more important each and every day. But security can also come at a cost to convenience. Instead of writing down the password you use for each site, you can now use your face in apps.

In an upgrade from just logging into your device, you can now use Windows Hello while making a purchase in the Windows Store and other apps such as Microsoft Edge. To take advantage of this feature, go to Settings > Accounts > and Sign-in options. 

Dark Mode

A new theme setting that is available is called Dark Mode. It takes certain windows and gives them a black colour. Turning this feature on just takes going to Settings > Personalisation > Colours > Choose app mode > and Dark. Some apps such as Edge also have Dark Mode, but it needs to be turned on from that app’s own settings (More > Settings > Choose a theme > and Dark).