Windows 10 is available to download from today - although, thanks to a staggered rollout, you might have to wait a few days to get it. But while you wait you might want to know about some of the lesser known abilities it will bring to your PC.

When you hear about Windows 10, you probably immediately picture Microsoft's Edge browser, always-listening Cortana, and a few other notable features.

But what about all the smaller features? You know - the bits hardly anyone thinks about mentioning. Pocket-lint figured you'd like to know what some of them are, especially now that Windows 10 has become publicly available.

So, without further ado, here's 10 things about Windows 10 you might not have known already...

Record apps

You can use Microsoft's new Game Bar-recording function to not only record gameplay on your device, but also to record any apps. The record feature won’t work for system activities, such as Notepad or Paint, though. And all saved videos can be found in the Xbox app (Game DVR section) - or inside your specific user folder (Video > Captures).


If you enable GodMode on Windows 10, you will get a lengthy list of commands to use. GodMode brings all the OS-control settings together in one folder. Think of it as your administrative one­-stop shop, rather than having to poke all around Windows in order to find Control panel settings and configurations.

Offline maps

If you're going to be some place without an internet connection, you can use the Maps app to download any maps you need and then use them offline. This feature can come in handy for any users who lose their GPS signal at a bad time, or if you are just a fan of reading maps instead.

Get rid of old stuff

If you upgraded to Windows 10 from previous versions, some files used by your older version will be kept in a folder named "Windows.old". If you don't see yourself ever reverting back to your old versions of Windows, you can delete the folder and free up some space on your device.


Microsoft and DirectX 12 are producing high­-end graphics that will improve the performance of games - without requiring any hardware upgrades. Windows 10 even features a new Xbox app that brings new ways for players to connect to and play their Xbox One, like playing games on their device's screen and enabling cross­-device (Xbox One-­PC) play.

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Tablet mode

If you have a device equipped with a touchscreen, you will have access to Microsoft's “Tablet Mode”. With it, the Windows 10 keyboard pops ­up whenever you tap on a text box, and multi­tasking with apps has never been simpler.

Windows 10 store

Users of the OS will have access to a new and improved, unified Windows 10 store. The “top grossing” app list is no longer available, and the store has an all-new look and better search features. Ratings and reviews should be more helpful, as comments from users of previous OS users will be removed.

The new, unified Windows Store will also deliver a wide range of universal apps and games. Many new games are coming to Windows 10. For example, the Minecraft franchise has already announced a version for the OS. Microsoft is also bringing Solitaire back as a built­-in program after it disappeared from Windows 8.

Recycle bin on task bar

Conveniently, Windows 10 allows users to add the Recycle Bin to the taskbar and the Start menu. Files and programs in the Start menu can be easily recycled as well, without having to click back and forth in order to search your desktop for the Recycle Bin icon. Genius.

Windows support

Windows 10 features a “Contact Support” app, making it easier and faster to get in touch with Microsoft Support. Internal aspects of Windows 10 can be resolved, as well as problems related to any other Microsoft programs. Also, Microsoft will offer users 10 years of support for Windows 10, free of charge.

Standard emailing and calling support options are still available too.

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