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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has officially announced that its smart assistant, Cortana, will be arriving on iPhone and Android devices soon.

Cortana will be available in app form for iOS and Android where it will work with all the same questions it responds to on Microsoft smart devices.

Of course Cortana on its native Windows 10 platform will have even more functionality, but there will still be plenty on offer for iPhone and Android. Expect to get notifications on sports, flights, weather, calendar alerts and the like.

Microsoft also makes a point of explaining that Windows 10, using the Phone Companion app, will work with iPhone and Android devices. That should mean sharing files and emails across devices is seamless.

Take a photo on your iPhone and it'll be right there on your Windows 10 PC, for example. If you have OneDrive or any other Microsoft apps on your smartphone it'll automatically link to the PC, meaning you can start something on one device and finish it on another.

The only difference here appears to be that non-Windows phones will need a bit more setup initially, like inputting email addresses and logins.

Cortana will be available as a free app for Android in late June and on iOS later this year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.