Microsoft has announced at its Build Developers Conference 2015 that Project Spartan will actually be called Microsoft Edge. This is the new browser for Windows 10.

There's a new way to open a new tab page which Microsoft says gets done millions of times a day. The effective home page has favourite sites as well as apps and news stories that are relevant to the user. These are laid out a bit like a webpage and can be clicked to slip right into that relevant item, regardless of if that's navigating to a web page or opening an app.

Web Extensions is new. This works much like those in Chrome and actually works with Extensions that are already built for Chrome with very little work to adapt. Microsoft said that porting across plug-ins like Pinterest and Reddit was easy and runs smoothly in the Windows Edge browser.

It is possible to give Edge a go early as it was offered in preview format when it was still known as Project Spartan. If you get on the list there's plenty to try.

Microsoft explains: "In this preview, you will see a bold new design for Project Spartan one that is streamlined and puts the focus on the page, not the browser. This is part of our vision for a browser that doesn’t visually interfere with your life on the Web, but supports it. You will also see some of the features that we demo’ed back in January and we hope you’ll love them."

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