(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's Windows 10 is currently available in its Technical Preview form and on there are its new Music and Video apps which are being shown off.

The Music Technical Preview and Video Technical Preview have both done away with the Xbox branding Windows users may be used to. This new look still hasn't been perfected and Microsoft admits isn't ready to replace the current apps just yet.

The Music Technical Preview will play local files as well as those on OneDrive and pulls in anything added via Xbox Music Pass. There are still errors here with misaligned layouts and file issues but Microsoft is still working on it. Buying from Windows Store Beta and adding right-click menus are examples of extras due to appear.

The Video Preview app plays almost any files you throw at it, including MKVs and video files from Xbox Video. At the moment video playback is glitchy and can be slow too. But like the Music app this is due for upgrades before the final version arrives in Windows 10.

So you can give the Music and Video Preview apps a go if you want to try in the buggy developer state. Otherwise sit tight for the official release along with Windows 10.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.