(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft announced its new browser at Mobile World Congress, which it calls Spartan. It's not going to replace Internet Explorer 11 just yet but shows a glimpse of how the future of web browsing can look. And it looks like the future will be a breeze.

Microsoft only showed a glimpse of Spartan at MWC. Since then WinBeta got its hands on a version and has created a video showing off, in some detail, how Spartan will use Cortana integration to make browsing better.

Yes that's Cortana and Spartan working together, just like in Halo.

When on a webpage, say for a restaurant, the Cortana logo will move in the address bar to show she has something to add. A click of the icon brings up a side bar with masses on information on the restaurant including address, map, opening hours, ratings and reviews – all without the need to leave the webpage.

Also if you want to look up the meaning of a word or some more details on something, just highlight then right click and select "Ask Cortana". Again that side bar appears full of helpful information, allowing you to expand the way you look at a site without needing to open more tabs or go off the page.

On top of this Microsoft talked about Cortana's ability to remember searches across devices. This should hopefully mean once you've looked up a restaurant it'll be ready on your phone for quick details, like directions, when you leave the house.

Check out the video to see Spartan in action with Cortana. Expect plenty more to appear soon as Microsoft reveals further details.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.