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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has demonstrated a few of its phone features that will come with Windows 10 when it launches later this year. 2015.

Using a Lumia 930, Microsoft showed off a very early version of the Windows 10 OS during its Mobile World Congress press conference ahead of its future release.

Tiles now sit on a full background image making it possible to personalise the home screen. Recently installed apps sit right at top of apps list so they should be easier to access immediately after a download and install.

Action Center lets you work faster, says Microsoft. Tap and expand of shortcut lists allows for quick access to recent settings. And Messaging is now integrated in one feed for text messaging and Skype messaging.

Project Spartan

Microsoftmicrosoft windows 10 for phone this is what project spartan browser cortana and more can do image 2

The Project Spartan browser is built using universal apps platform meaning it will work across devices. This is the same rendering engine used on all Windows 10 devices. It's designed to adapt to whatever it's running on.

The reading experience is a huge focus, allowing you to go into a special reading list view – this lists articles you've saved to read later. Clicking into the article shows a simple layout with light and dark background options as well as font size changing. It's almost like an ereader for your browser, says Microsoft.

Microsoft hasn't said whether adding to that reading list automatically saves in offline mode but we' d hope that is the case.

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Maps across devices

Jumping from search to Maps is instant at a touch. Jumping between devices is also easier now. The same information from a search on the phone is almost immediately available on the tablet. So it shouldn't matter where you search. Look for an event on your tablet at home and when you've stepped out the door it should be right there on your smartphone.

Microsoftmicrosoft windows 10 for phone this is what project spartan browser cortana and more can do image 3

Multi-device Cortana

Cortana now remembers favourites. So a search for maps that involves a favourite tap will store that list in Cortana's memory for later. A search in one device also means the results are right there on another device, reminders, for example immediately appear on all devices after telling Cortana to set it on just one.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 2 March 2015.