It has emerged that Microsoft's official Windows Store is selling apps that are either illegal pirate copies or even malicious spyware or viruses. One of these, Darkest Dungeon, is still available for £2.59 on the store even though original developer Tyler Sigman has pleaded with Microsoft to take it down.

His RPG is available only through Steam or the Humble Store under Red Hook Studios and costs £14.99, while the version currently available for download through the Windows Store has been uploaded by someone calling themself "Balaji Chowdary".

Chowdary is also apparently the publisher of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Watchmen: The End is Nigh, and VMWare Player, also all available on the Windows Store for Windows 8.1.

Genuine developer Sigman posted a plea to his followers on Twitter for a contact at Microsoft that could help remove his game from the store. "If anyone has a contact at Windows Game Store, please share. Somebody is scamming DD by selling it (illegally) on there," he said in the tweet.

However, it is unlikely that the whole game has been posted anyway, considering it has been revealed to be just a 2MB download. Spyware anyone?

Sigman also alerted those who might have bought a copy of his game elsewhere. "On a related note, if you didn't buy Darkest Dungeon on Steam or Humble Store right now, you got scammed," he wrote on Twitter.