Cortana, Windows Phone's personal assistant, will now predict the outcome of Premier League matches, so you can ask your phone for weekend predictions before heading to the bookies.

Cortana told us that West Ham would beat Manchester United, and that Arsenal will defeat Tottenham in the London derby. Heading north, Cortana told us "it would take a footballing miracle" for Everton to beat Liverpool. 

Cortana has been keen to demonstrate a wider skillset than just booking appointments and searching the internet, instead wanting to return real results. This was put to good effect during the FIFA World Cup, Scottish elections and for NFL results too.

Premier League predictions from Bing have been in place for some time, but now you can get them straight on your Windows Phone, just by asking Cortana. She'll even read the answer back to you.

We've placed our bets based on Cortana's predictions, let's just see how it plays out.