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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has been working on some interesting gestures for Windows Phone that will allow you to interact with your device without having to touch the display, and the company is now ready to show off those new gestures by launching an app in beta.

The app, called Gestures Beta, is sort of like downloading a gesture pack. Microsoft was expected to debut "enhanced interactions" and gestures with a second update to Windows Phone 8.1, but it appears the company thought an app just for Lumia Windows Phone was the better route.

"With Gestures Beta you can control some of the functionality of your Lumia phone without touching the display," explained Microsoft in a blog post published on Monday. "This beta release will enable you to control calls and silence your phone conveniently."

The app will let you answer calls (pick up phone and put it to your ear), mute the mic during calls (place phone on a flat surface with the display facing down), put calls on speaker (place phone on a flat surface with the display facing up), and silence incoming calls (flip phone display down).

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Microsoft will reportedly still include some enhanced interactions/gestures in the upcoming Windows 10 universal operating system, so Gestures Beta could in fact just be a beta test of those features before they are directly built into Windows 10 for smartphones.

Gestures Beta app is available today for Lumia Windows Phone devices. All of the gestures can be turned on and off, though some of them are "limited" on the Lumia 630, Lumia 635, and Lumia 530, according to Microsoft.

Watch the video above for more information about Gestures Beta.

Writing by Elyse Betters.