Microsoft has published a video recording of its media event on 30 September in San Francisco, where it demonstrated Windows 10 and shared roadmap details like when an early preview would release.

The entire clip is just under 40 minutes long but gives a nice overview of everything Pocket-lint already covered, such as why Windows 10 is not called Windows 9, the top features to get excited about in Windows 10, and when and how can you get the next version of Windows.

The two main speakers at Microsoft's event were Terry Myerson, executive vice president of operating systems, and Joe Belfiore, the corporate vice president of operating systems group, with the latter executive being the one who discussed many of the changes coming to Windows.

Microsoft wants to deliver one application platform with Windows 10. That means one app store, one way for people to find and buy apps, and one method for updating across all devices. It also means Windows 10 will run on the broadest types of devices ever.

The Redmond-based company described Windows 10 as its "most comprehensive platform", though it used the media event in San Francisco to only reveal some enterprise-focused changes in Windows and promised to share more news for consumers at a later date.

Watch the event video above for more details.