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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft could unveil its latest PC operating system in Windows 9 as soon as 30 September.

According to sources of The Verge it's claimed that Microsoft is planning to hold a press event on 30 September where it will unveil the release codenamed "Threshold".

The source goes on to say that this event won't only unveil the new operating system but will also see it released to developers from that date. Other sources have pointed towards a preview version being released around this time.

What the early preview will give to developers is the new mini Start Menu and more. It will also mean the removal of the Charms bar as well as some other UI alterations.

One thing to look forward to in the Threshold build is the voice assistant Cortana. Microsoft is reportedly following in Apple's footsteps and integrating the voice controls right into the core of the OS.

Microsoft is also working on a unified version of Windows RT and Windows Phone which will work across all mobile platforms, probably called Windows Phone 9. The event may see this announced or at least teased in a little more detail. Presumably there will be a close link between this new mobile OS and the Windows 9 full operating system.

According to rumours from WinSuperSite Windows 9 OS will have the ability to run Windows Store apps on the desktop, a mini start menu, and a unifying app store. It sounds like Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 will be a near seamless experience allowing users to jump between the two easily.

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Expect to hear more leaked news soon as the event date approaches.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.