Bing is a little more like Google today in that it will maintain context through search queries, enabling you to have a conversation-like search experience.

Contextual search works by algorithmically trying to determine what you really meant to search for - such as picking up cues from the immediate preceding searches, and serving up results based on that. Although Google has offered a similar built-in search feature for a couple of years now, Microsoft-owned Bing has announced it just finished building out the Bing platform to include conversational understanding.

bing search now understands context so results are like conversations image 6

"For instance, you can ask 'who is the president of the united states', we will show you the answer. From there you might ask, 'who is his wife' or 'how tall is he.' Bing maintains the context and keeps the conversation moving forward," explained Bing through a blog post published on 13 August. "This is a long journey, and we expect to deliver a number of additional improvements in the days ahead."

Check out the gallery below for examples of how Bing search will now work going forward.