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(Pocket-lint) - Instead of issuing major Windows 8 updates every few months or years, like the Windows 8.1 Update that debuted in April, Microsoft has announced it will adopt a more frequent update schedule going forward.

Microsoft already has a regular monthly update process called “Update Tuesday", which includes security and non-security updates, but now the company wants to use this process to deliver significant improvements to Windows in order to respond more quickly to customer and partner feedback. That means all Update Tuesdays in the future will include improvements, behind-the-scenes tweaks to performance and reliability, and even new features.

In a blog post published on 8 August, Brandon LeBlanc, a senior marketing communications manager, emphasised there would be no more major update releases for Windows 8 and that the new monthly updates would allow Microsoft to refine and improve Windows 8.1 "in a more nimble way, creating a richer experience for all Windows customers."

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LeBlanc also said, despite rumours and speculation, Microsoft is not planning to deliver a Windows 8.1 Update 2, and that the next Update Tuesday, scheduled for 12 August, should include precision touchpad improvements, a feature called Miracast Receive, and a tweak for minimizing login prompts for SharePoint Online. You can read more about these changes on Microsoft's blog.

Microsoft will deliver Windows 8 updates on Update Tuesday using the normal channels. Current Windows 8.1 consumers who have opted for automatic updates will recieve gradual rollouts, while those who wish to manually install updates can do so via Windows Update.

Keep in mind the next major Windows update is expected to be a new version altogether, called Windows 9 Threshold. It will reportedly debut next spring.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.