Microsoft is working on a version of Office for Android that is specifically designed for tablets.

The company's productivity suite has been available for Android smartphones as a free download since last year, but Android tablet users have been forced to patiently wait for a version optimised just for them. Well, it looks like they won't have to wait much longer.

Office for Android tablets is expected to officially release for consumer use sometime later this year. In fact, Microsoft is currently inviting participants to play with a pre-release version of Office for Android tablets through a special program.

Anyone - from individuals to companies - can register at Microsoft's SharePoint website to get early access to the pre-release version. The enhanced software reportedly includes an interface similar to the one found on Office for iPad.

According to the SharePoint website, Microsoft will accept applications throughout the next "several weeks".

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If you're wondering about a touch-optimised version of Office for Windows, reports have recently claimed Microsoft will release it in early 2015. The company is also developing a new version of Office for Mac that should unveil in 2014.