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(Pocket-lint) - Almost exactly one month after Microsoft promised it would add printing support to Office for iPad, the productivity suite has updated to include printing and several other improvements.

Microsoft's Office for iPads apps are beautiful and robust apps that work wonderfully. Except for one thing. Until today, you couldn't print hard copies using the apps. In Pocket-lint's hands-on review of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad, we poured over the apps, examined their look and feel and numerous rich features, and we eventually noticed they lacked any printing functionality.

Without support for printing, you'd have to share a finished project to another device or use third-party app to print a physical copy. That's awfully tedious and absurd for an app suite meant to aid productivity. We kept in mind however they were first-version apps, and that adding print options to them was a simple task. All Microsoft needed to do was issue an update to correct its glaring omission. And, apparently, the company has done just that.

"Your top request is here," announced Microsoft in a blog post. "You can now print Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations to an AirPrintTM printer. In Word for iPad, you can choose to print a document with or without markup. In Excel, print a selected range, a single worksheet or an entire spreadsheet. Of course, you can select the pages or slides you want to print."

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As for other changes in the update, Microsoft said it added SmartGuides to PowerPoint. The feature will help you align pictures, shapes, and textboxes within a slide. Excel also received AutoFit, enabling you to adjust the width of multiple rows or the height of multiple columns at the same time. And finally, the first update to Office for iPad also includes unspecified bug fixes and stability improvements.

You can grab the updated Word, Excel and PowerPoint app for iPad in the App Store today. It requires an Office 365 subscription but also comes with a 30-day free trial.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 29 April 2014.