Microsoft is beginning to offer embedded support for Apple’s Passbook passes in Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft Wallet.

As spotted by both The Verge and iMore, Microsoft has devised a way to read Passbook's .pkpass files and turn them into cards that work directly with Microsoft Wallet and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Apple has already created a standard with many developers on board. And while those developers are busy creating content, Microsoft figures it can re-purpose that content instead of making developers build something new or different for Microsoft Wallet.

The Verge tweeted an image that shows Windows Phone 8.1 natively supporting Apple's Passbook. The tech website had used the workaround for flight cards, and it noted that everything seemed to work perfectly.

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Microsoft can therefore now fill its new mobile wallet with virtual cards and tickets made for Passbook, but who knows if Apple has even agreed to this setup. We've contacted Apple for details and will update when more is known.

Apple might stop Passbook support if there's no official agreement in place with Microsoft, according to iMore. But keep in mind that this is strictly a feature in the developer preview beta, and it might not even appear in the final release.