Want to print that new resume you've just created with Microsoft's Word for iPad app? Although you can't just yet, you will be able to soon enough.

Microsoft's Office for iPads apps are beautiful and work wonderfully. Except for one thing. You can't use them to print hard copies. In Pocket-lint's hands-on review of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad, we praised the apps look and feel and rich features, though we also noticed they lacked any printing functionality.

That means, when finished creating a project in any of the new apps, you'd have to share it to another device or use another app in order to print a physical copy. Absurd, right? Well, keep in mind that these are first-version apps, and that adding print options to them is simple. All Microsoft needs to do is issue an update to correct its glaring omission. And, apparently, the company plans to do just that.

According to a report from PCWorld, a Microsoft representatives confirmed a forthcoming release will add a native print function. In fact, Microsoft will "absolutely continue to update" its apps on a regular basis. The company didn't give a specific timeframe as to when it'll push out upgrades, but it has promised to deliver them speedily.

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We've contacted Microsoft for clarification, and we'll update when more information is available.