To celebrate the launch of OneDrive (nee SkyDrive), Microsoft will be giving 100,000 people free 100GB storage updates. These will go on a first come first served basis to the first 100,000 to sign up for the offer. The catch is, the company won't reveal the time this will start. Yet.

It is urging those interested to keep their eyes peeled on the OneDrive Twitter account (@OneDrive), Facebook page and official blog. There will be clues to the giveaway start time for a while and then an official "go!"

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You'll have to be quick off the mark when it happens, Pocket-lint was told by Gabby Hegerty, european product marketing director for the company's consumer apps and services division. The offer is extended around the world.

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That in itself is a clue. We doubt it'll happen in the next few hours as it's still very early in the morning in some countries, Microsoft's homeland of the United States particularly.

If we hear word leading up to the start of the jamboree, we'll let you know.