An early build of Microsoft's first major update to Windows 8.1 has leaked online and is currently available to download from file sharing services.

It includes a number of key improvements. A new tile bar appears on apps, which is more mouse-friendly, allowing you to close, minimise and snap apps more easily on a desktop without a touchscreen.

The Verge reports that clicking on Live Tiles on the Start Screen now brings up a context menu with options to resize, unpin and more. And search and shutdown icons now appear in the top right of the Start Screen, so you don't have to fiddle about to bring them up.

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You can now also pin Windows Store apps to the desktop taskbar as well as software on the desktop itself, meaning you don't have to navigate through your app menus to find the most important application for you.

The build that is available on the stealy-web is purely for those with thick stomachs and PCs they probably don't expect to use for anything important. It's probably better to wait for the real thing, which is expected to be available from 11 March.