It appears Windows 8.1 will get an upgrade ahead of Microsoft's Build developer conference in April.

Leaked screenshots from earlier this week revealed Microsoft was working on an update for Windows 8.1. ZDNet has now heard that the update, called Windows 8.1 Update 1, is "relatively minor", and will supposedly release on 11 March via the Windows Update tool.

Apart from the ability to pin Windows Store apps to the taskbar, Update 1 could also optimise memory and disk space requirements. ZDNet claimed these tweaks would allow Windows 8.1 to run on lower-end small tablets.

Update 1, according to the previously-leaked screenshots from Wzor, will further include a desktop-like close button for Windows Store apps, meaning you wouldn't have to rely on gestures or keyboard shortcuts to close an app. ZDNet's sources haven't confirmed this feature, though.

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Other Windows 8.1 update rumours have mentioned a "mini" Start menu. ZDNet doesn't expect this to arrive in Update 1 but rather a second update expected to release within the next year. It could even arrive as part of Windows 9 - dubbed Windows Threshold - in April 2015.