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(Pocket-lint) - Windows 8.1 might soon receive an update that allows users to pin Windows Store apps to the desktop taskbar, according to recently leaked screenshots.

Wzor has published screenshots that indicate Microsoft wants to scale back the new OS interface by reintroducing classic desktop features to Windows 8.1. For instance, if these leaked screenshots are legit, users would have fewer reasons to visit the new Start screen.

It's not clear whether the ability to pin Windows Store apps to the desktop taskbar will allow users to open and run Windows Store apps in the classic desktop environment. The apps might just open in full-screen as they currently do in Windows 8.1. Although this wouldn't make much sense, it could appease classic desktop devotees.

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In addition, SuperSite for Windows has heard that the upcoming Windows 8.1 update might also include a desktop-like close button for Windows Store apps. That means you wouldn't have to rely on gestures or keyboard shortcuts to close an app. It could also verify that Microsoft wants the new interface to work better with the classic desktop environment and traditional PC hardware.

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As for when you can expect to see this Windows 8.1 update, that's still up in the air, though keep in mind that Microsoft's Build developer conference is in April.

Writing by Elyse Betters.