Microsoft's aggressive campaign against Google goes even further with a line of anti-Google T-shirts, hats and a mug.

The new store listings are part of Microsoft's "Scroogled" initiative, which has extended into a slew of listing and ads around the net in protest of Google's "gulled, duped, squeezed, and double-crossed" ways since 2012. 

The Scroogled Keep Calm Mug is available for $7.99, "perfect for anyone who's fully caffeinated and tired of being Scroogled". Oh you want to show a little more inner-creativity? The Scroogled Word Cloud T-shirt is available for $11.99 and offers "20 synonyms for how Google is taking advantage of you".

No we're not making this stuff up. In fact, there are eight products available to buy.

microsoft scroogled t shirts and mugs help you attack google image 3

Anyone plan on adding these to their shopping holiday wish list?