Microsoft has released a way to control PowerPoint slides from Windows Phone, with a new Office Remote app. 

Now available on the Windows Phone Store, the Office Remote app gives detailed information about your presentation and control features. Tools include the ability to start a presentation, advance slides, see your notes from the presentation and control an on-screen laser pointer. 

The app isn't specific to PowerPoint. Word and Excel tools are also presented, including moving the screen up and down, changing the zoom level and the ability to jump to certain sections such as heading or comments in Word. 

For users embedded deep into the Microsoft ecosystem, the app should come as a handy feature. Office Remote is compatible with Office 2013, no previous versions, and works with Bluetooth-supported PCs. Let's just hope co-workers don't get the wrong idea when you're constantly glancing down at your Lumia.

No word on an Android or iOS app with similar features.