Cybercriminals beware: Microsoft has built a new headquarters where it will be equipped to take you down.

Microsoft is already a force to be reckoned with when it comes to destroying cybercrime. Last summer it working with the FBI to take down the massive Citadel botnet, which has infected 5 million PCs and stolen about half a billion dollars from people and businesses.

With half of online adults affected by botnets in the last year alone, it’s time for something to be done. While it might look like the Wild West online now Microsoft is the new sheriff in town and its just set up up right in the middle of the virtual dusty town. And with up to $500 billion spent annually on stopping cybercrime - often linked to organised crime rings involved in piracy, child exploitation and other dirty deeds - it’s about time.

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit will be based in a shiny new office called the Cybercrime Center, which looks like something out of the TV show CSI. Want a closer look? Go and take a virtual tour right here.

David Finn, associate general counsel for Microsoft’s DCU, says: “We understand that there’s no one single country, business or organisation that can tackle cyber security and cybercrime threats alone. That’s why we invest in bringing partners into our centre – law enforcement agencies, partners and customers – into this centre to work right alongside us.”