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(Pocket-lint) - Internet Explorer 11, which comes on Windows 8.1 machines as standard, is now available on Windows 7. The update to IE 11 will roll out over the next few weeks to all users. Microsoft claims IE 11 is 30 per cent faster than the competition.

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IE 11 is faster than its predecessor, as you'd expect, but it also brings some other extras. One great feature is HTML5 streaming which means users can play Netflix directly from the browser without the need to install Silverlight. This is thanks to Microsoft finally agreeing to include WebGL in its browser. Check out the Red Bull IE 11 video below to see its slippery smooth playback credentials.


IE 11 is optimised for touch controls making it ideal for tablets and all in one desktops - but this will only be the case for Windows 8.1 machines. Sorry Windows 7 users. Built-in page prediction and pre-rendering means pages should load near instantly. And it will support up to 100 tabs, if you like things messy.

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Other changes include support for the SPDY protocol, which originated at Google, the massively overhauled F12 developer tools, and enhanced Web security measures that prevent persistent security holes from being exploited.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.
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