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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has finally casted a spotlight onto Movie Moments, the much-anticipated yet hardly known software that'll be available with Windows 8.1.

The company posted a blog recently that just barely introduced Movie Makers, and it also touched upon some other multimedia-editing changes that'll arrive with the OS update for Windows 8 consumers. Keep reading if you'd like to learn more about Movie Moments specifically before it becomes exclusively available to Windows 8.1 users.

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What is Movie Moments?

A Movie Moments placeholder originally surfaced in the initial Windows 8.1 leak from last March, when everyone called the OS update by its "Windows Blue" codename. The placeholder and all signs of Movie Moments seemed to disappear in later releases of the update. This strange occurrence confused many, but, now we know where exactly it went: Movie Moments isn't built into Windows 8.1. Nope. It's actually an app that'll be available via the Windows Store.


What will Movie Moments be able to do?

Microsoft described Movie Moments as a way for users to express themselves creatively. Think of it as a Fresh Paint for videos. Movie Moments will have editing features for trimming video, adding short captions, inserting some music and sharing short clips.

Blogger Paul Thurrott described Movie Moments as an app that will let you "edit your personal videos—the videos you’ve taken with your Windows device’s camera, a smart phone, or other camera—into short, fun creations you can then enjoy and share”.

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What'll the Movie Moments interface look like?

Microsoft hasn't revealed much about the Movie Moments interface yet (aside from the couple screenshots in this article), though it's clear that it isn't a Final Cut Pro-like app. It's quite often referred to as a "simple app".

Without judging the book by its cover, especially because we haven't seen the cover, it's safe to say Movie Maker is a more efficient or updated version of the Windows Movie Maker software from Windows XP.

What are some examples of Movie Maker functionality?

You're in luck! Microsoft has provided two example videos made by Movie Maker. Check them out:

How much will Movie Maker cost?

Windows 8.1 will release on Friday, and then Windows 8 adopters can download it for free from the Store. Movie Moments will be in the Store for Windows 8.1 users exclusively.

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What about those other multimedia-editing apps?

Check out Microsoft's blog post or the video below for the full rundown on Camera, Photos and Fresh Paint in Windows 8.1. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.