After a long wait, Microsoft has finally announced IMAP (and OAuth) support for users. Outlook users will now have email access from more third-party applications, including Mac Mail and Thunderbird on a Mac.

Why the long wait for IMAP support? Microsoft has been attached to its own Exchange ActiveSync (known as EAS) protocol that is designed in-house. We suspect the company finally felt enough pressure from users to open up with IMAP support. "We heard your feedback loud and clear that this was important," the company wrote.

IMAP is widely used by the rest of the industry, so it's nice to see Microsoft finally catch-up. Launch partners for Outlook's IMAP support include TripIt, Sift, Slice, motley*bunch,, OtherInbox, and Context.IO, who have all put the protocol into their apps.

To get Outlook going on an IMAP supported application, you can enter in the following information:


  • Incoming IMAP mail server:
  • Incoming IMAP mail server port: 993
  • Encryption: SSL


  • Outgoing SMTP mail server:
  • Outgoing SMTP mail server port: 587
  • Encryption: TLS