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(Pocket-lint) - In May, Google wanted Microsoft to remove its redesigned YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 because it didn't include ads, gave users the ability to download videos, and more. Microsoft obliged by pulling the app, giving the two companies the summer to bake a new app up that follows the "rules".

Tuesday evening we now have the results, as the updated YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 is now available from the Windows Phone store. Gone is the ability to download videos, and you bet there are plenty of advertisements now playing, in typical YouTube fashion. New to the app, however, is the ability to stream video live from YouTube channels and there are now big changes to the way videos are uploaded.


Furthermore, users can pin videos, playlists, channels and search queries to the Start screen as Live Tiles, taking advantage of Windows Phone 8's feature. YouTube profiles, playlists, uploads, and video lists can be managed, and you can share videos to social networks, e-mail, and text messages. Lastly, the app takes advantage of Windows Phone 8's Kids Corner, letting them keep their own profile and keeping them on a safe path.

"We’ve released an updated YouTube app for Windows Phone that provides the great experience our consumers expect while addressing the concerns Google expressed in May, including the addition of ads," said a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement. "We appreciate Google’s support in ensuring that Windows Phones customers have a quality YouTube experience and look forward to continuing the collaboration."

Writing by Jake Smith.