Microsoft recently updated SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 with the one-step ability to make folders and files available offline across all devices. Now the company has rolled out a handful of new features for

Announcing it on Tuesday, Microsoft said would offer support for devices with high DPI (aka the Lumia 1020). The website will also take note of visitors' displays and adjust photos and thumbnails to the appropriate resolution. As for sorting and management, will now allow users to rotate photos and view animated GIFs.

Sharing updates includes the ability to share individual groups of files from anywhere in SkyDrive, as well as a new Shared View that shows files users have shared and files that have been shared with them. But that's not all: when sending a document for someone to edit, the recipient no longer has to sign-in to edit.

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SkyDrive - which debuted in 2007 as Windows Live Folders - is a file-hosting service from Microsoft that allows users to upload and sync files to the cloud and then access them from a Web browser or their local device. After the Build 2013 conference, Microsoft announced that it saw over 3TB of data uploaded to SkyDrive per day from Windows 8.1 users.