Microsoft has teased a Metro version of its Office suite for Windows 8.1 at the Build conference.

Microsoft specifically showed off Metro-Style PowerPoint running in Windows 8 during a private session and said it would re-demonstrate the presentation during its Build keynote on Wednesday.

Microsoft now offers desktop versions of Windows 8, and has launched OneNote only as a Windows 8 Metro app, but it said a Metro-style Office would eventually release through the Windows Store.

A company spokesman apparently told Engadget that the forthcoming PowerPoint would have "all of the same transitions, the same graphic power and file format capability" as the desktop version.

The Verge also heard that the new Word, Excel and PowerPoint would launch later this year with editing functionality akin to Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, but ZDNet claimed the apps won't be available until 2014.

That's it for details, but stayed tuned for more.