Microsoft has pushed out a major update to Bing Maps in the form of a huge library of bird's-eye satellite imagery. Bing says the new high-resolution pictures are the equivalent of 100,000 DVDs of data, which is a lot.

It amounts to 1,452,958 sq km, or half a petabyte, of data, all of which shows amazing bird's-eye views of different places around the world. Think of them a bit like Apple's iOS Flyover function and you get the picture.

Areas which have the bird's-eye pictures are highlighted by red dots on Bing Maps. They use a slightly skewed angle compared to the conventional aerial photograph and as such can reveal a lot more detail of areas. Cities like London and Rome are obviously covered, but it's nice to see places like Finland and Hawaii getting attention as well. 

Bing has also included new venue maps, which help you get around places such as football stadiums and train stations. There is now also a problem reporting function, so you can let Bing know where maps might be incorrect.

You can see all the new Bing images and updates on the Bing Maps website now