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(Pocket-lint) - A new version of Bing Desktop was released on Friday with new inline search, real-time weather updates, Facebook notifications and more.

Microsoft announced on Bing's official blog that over 10 million users worldwide have installed Bing Desktop - basically an app that adds the Bing homepage to PC desktops - and now those same users can update the app to get inline search and other new features.

With inline search, users can highlight a word or phrase in any webpage, word document or PDF file and then click the Bing icon to see a preview of search results. This allows them to browse without having to leave their open window. 


The company also launched a new weather app alongside real-time weather updates customised by location, and it refreshed the news and Facebook apps with a new look. Speaking of Facebook, users can now see their notifications with Bing Desktop. Microsoft is likely pushed this feature so users spend less time checking Facebook for notifications and more time searching on Bing. 

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Bing Desktop is a free download that defaults to loading the current day's Bing homepage, but users can click on an info icon on the search widget and choose a backdrop from the previous nine days.

Those who already downloaded Bing Desktop will receive the new update within a few days, or they can download the latest version from Microsoft's Download Center.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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