If you've yet to play Angry Birds and own a Windows Phone, here is your chance: it's now free for the next two weeks thanks to Rovio.

Angry Birds fans can download a new, revisited version of the original app, via the Windows Phone store, for their Nokia Lumia, HTC 8X, or whatever else they've got, free of charge as long as they do so before 15 May. And what's more, it comes with an extra 100 all-new levels and the Windows Phone 8 version will have Xbox Live integration, featuring leaderboards and achievements.

The full game, played by millions already, sees you play a flock of birds trying to take their revenge on a bunch of pigs who've stolen their eggs - but you didn't really need us to explain that to you, did you? This new version will also sit alongside the first release, rather than replace it, so you won't lose your original progress.

You can get the game via the Windows Phone store. What are you waiting for? Get downloading now. 

Additionally, Nokia is confirming that Angry Birds Rio will be coming to Windows Phone very soon too.